Development & realization of affordable, sustainable and ecological housing

We are a young and dynamic company that is enthusiastically engaged in the realization of sustainable, energy-efficient homes, buildings and housing projects. We do this by deviating from traditional construction methods and by using sustainable materials to minimize the environmental impact.

A home is a place where you can feel at home, a place without complications and total freedom. We try to provide as many people with a full-fledged home as possible without the enormous costs that this often entails. Every person on our planet is entitled to a roof over his head.

Because of the low starting price of our houses, this is becoming a reality for more and more people. Despite our low prices, we only build high-quality houses with all the luxury and comforts that belong to a house. A house that is equipped with many conveniences and meets the high demands of modern man. A house built of sustainable materials. In short, a house in which we would like to live

Advantages of our technique

  • Provides high sound, heat and water insulation
  • Error-free and fast production
  • More efficient and earthquake resistant
  • flexibility and elegant solutions in design
  • Shorten construction time
  • Cleaner construction site
  • Ecological and environmentally friendly
  • Cost efficient
  • Quality and stability of prices
  • CE certified
  • Recycled materials
  • Corrosion-resistant constructions
  • Any desired model home
  • Available worldwide

Container construction

Turn-key "temporary" homes, based on standard ISO sea containers, making them easily available with normal road and sea transport in complete completed form. The sea containers serve as the basis, which are then reduced as homes. Of course, all containers are easy to couple and stack, if a larger surface has to be created. READ MORE

Steel frame building

Buildings must offer a healthy and comfortable working and living environment. This can be achieved by coordinating the architectural design, building physics and installation technology in one building concept. Staal scores high in many respects compared to other building materials. Steel is therefore not new in construction. Steel is multifunctional, robust, durable, economical, maintenance-friendly and aesthetic. READ MORE